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Coming to Leicester Comedy Festival 2024: Breakout Comic's Masked Debut Performance that Ignited Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Delving into Themes of Sexuality, South-Asian Arranged Marriage, and Sex Work!

‘Suicide Bummer’ is the gripping and wildly unpredictable true story of a gay South-Asian rent boy faced with familial pressure to marry his very own cousin. Tickets are now on sale for the eagerly anticipated shows at The Globe for Leicester Comedy Festival 2024, on February 13th and 14th at 7.30pm.

The show raised the roof at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer with a bold and hilarious comedy debut that sold out. With a mix of wit, humour, and high camp, the show explores the truly unique intersection of being queer, Muslim and involved in sex work. 

One audience member exclaimed, “I laughed, I cried, I screamed”. The show’s controversial subject matter is dangerously radical by its very nature. The comedian is conscious that sharing his controversial story could seriously upset some sinister individuals and put his life in jeopardy. 

“You have to be suicidal to talk openly about being gay and Muslim; when you add sex work to the mix, it becomes explosive!”

The anonymous comedian is excited to return to Leicester and considers the city his second home, having lived there whilst studying at one of the local universities. He also worked at a local nightclub just a stone’s throw from the venue for the show, The Globe, Leicester’s oldest pub.

In August, the show crash-landed in Edinburgh at a Laughing Horse venue dubbed “Flight Club” - where the audience sat in airline seats aboard an actual replica airplane, complete with 'Suicide Bummer Airlines' branded cabin crew and the "Hijabi Barbie" precariously in the flight deck. 

It’s not every day that you get the chance to board a plane knowing it is about to be hijacked by a “Suicide Bummer.” 

‘Suicide Bummer’ exists between a rock and a hard place, yet somehow the comic remains optimistic throughout and survives with tenacious wit. “When the only options are to marry your cousin or learn to do


your own ironing, that’s enough to turn a gay man straight!” 


At the heart of the show is an earnest and vulnerable tale that is undeniably captivating. The audience is confronted with the dilemma of agreeing to an arranged marriage with your cousin to appease your family, or risk losing everything by coming out. 

The comedian cleverly navigates the audience through some shocking twists that exist within the conflicting premise of traditional South Asian family values, Islam, sex work, sexuality, and arranged marriage; all the while unapologetically celebrating working-class queerness with high camp. 


The comedian sets the record straight. He grew up in London and witnessed the sharp increase in islamophobia and mass hysteria in the aftermath of the 9/11 and 7/7 terror attacks. “Nobody wanted to sit next to the bearded brown guy on the tube; but in Edinburgh, the tables turned because the public had to face getting aboard a plane knowing it was about to be hijacked!” 

The mysterious man behind the mask is no stranger to performing in unconventional costumes; “Suicide Bummer” is rooted in East London’s avant-garde drag scene. The incognito comedian said, “I don’t feel any need to identify myself in my art. The disguise serves more than one purpose and enables me to be vulnerable and more myself on stage than I’ve ever been before. That takes real guts.”

Revered by the late Adam Brace, Associate Director at Soho Theatre, who described him as “genuinely funny and compelling.” Following Adam’s recent death, the comedian expressed his gratitude for the Director’s support and for instilling the confidence to tell this engaging story, rich with comedic value; without the compulsion of delivering a chuckle a minute. 

Leicester Comedy Festival is the longest running comedy festival in the UK, having taken place every February since 1994, and now regularly attracts over 120,000 people to venues across Leicester and Leicestershire throughout the 19 days.


Highlights for 2024 include Stewart Lee, Ross Noble, Catherine Bohart, Sikisa, Daniel Sloss, Eshaan Akbar, Garth Marenghi, Sophie Duker & Ania Magliano. Special events for the 2024 event include the 30th anniversary show for Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year and interviews with Stuart Lee and Mark Watson. 


The full programme for Leicester Comedy Festival 2019 is now available either by obtaining a copy of the main brochure or by visiting

Compelling, witty, and above all else, unpredictable! Get your tickets to catch the show at Leicester Fringe Festival before Suicide Bummer blows up! 


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Suicide Bummer appearing at 2Northdown, 5 June - - May 31st 2023

Interviews will only be granted with vetted journalists who commit to maintaining the comedian’s anonymity.

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