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Brighton photographer asks not to be credited for images of "Suicide Bummer"

"Suicide Bummer" raised the roof at this year's Brighton Fringe Festival, with a bold and hilarious comedy debut. The masked comedian featured on the show "Dad, Playboy and Me... Not Your Average Slideshow" at The Bee's Mouth Bar on Sunday 21st May 2023.

Suicide Bummer performing at Brighton Fringe Festival 2023
Suicide Bummer appearing at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2023 dressed as a playboy bunny for a show comprised of comedic storytelling featuring rare Playboy Club photographs, anecdotes from the people who worked there, and the personal journey they inspired.

After working at the show, a photographer emailed the anonymous comedian asking not to be publicly credited for his photographs, due to fear of being attacked. In his email, the photographer said, "Fear of reprisals from your community means that you have to hide your identity. If someone cannot take action against you because they cannot identify you, then a person who can be identified as supporting you become the next target."

He continued, "I am very supportive of your journey but would ask that until you are prepared to identify yourself that you also don't identify me."

The comedian responded to the unnamed photographer saying, "It's not my community that go around terrorising people and attacking innocent people for having a different point of view - that's usually fundamentalists with mental health issues. They come in many guises."

The incognito comedian added, "I don't feel any need to identify myself in my art. It (the disguise) serves more than one purpose and also enables me to be vulnerable and more myself on stage than I've ever been before. That takes real guts."

Following the exchange, the comedian said he felt deeply disappointed that the photographer's words of encouragement were accompanied by a complete lack of solidarity.

"People automatically assume that coming out and openly talking about sex work is the right thing to do; but it's not a privilege we can all afford, especially when you are from a religious background."

"We have families and communities that some of us must consider above our own desire to live more authentically. We also have a responsibility to protect our children from being negatively impacted and our partners from falling victim to hate crimes, in a society where the threat of acid attacks and so called "honour killings" are a vile reality that must be taken seriously."

"Stigmatisation of sex work permeates all facets of society, being understood as a mark of disgrace, a social discrediting, or a spoiled identity. The bottom line is that not everyone who shares their personal story on a public platform does so because they want to be the next celebrity comedian. Some performers want to express themselves on stage and then leave their stage persona behind at the theatre, and quietly return to their private lives while preserving their anonymity; which we are all entitled to."



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